Forensic Investigative Services

The very nature of the administrative and labour law litigation frequently requires comprehensive investigative work.  The Firm has over many years attended to, either through its own sources and/or through appropriate partnerships with well-qualified investigators to investigations as and when required by clients.  

Dr De Swardt commenced his professional career as an employee in the investigations division of the Exchange Control Department of the South African Reserve Bank where valuable experience was gained in forensic investigations, which has been an important function of the Firm since the undertaking of constitutional and administrative litigation.

The investigative services of the Firm range between in-depth forensic accounting investigations in respect of disciplinary matters across the entire spectrum of the public service, including information technology related investigative work, to commercial crime investigative services.  Furthermore significant investigative work is done in respect of procurement matters, in particular relating to public procurement in terms of the Public Finance Management Act and the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, National Treasury Regulations and other relevant legislative frameworks.