Practice Areas

We provide the following professional legal services


The Firm is well known throughout South Africa for the speciality work that it conducts in the public sector in the Provincial and Local Government administrative spheres.

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Municipal Property Rates

The Firm has been involved in Valuation Appeal Board matters over an extensive period of time, ranging from the utilization of the former Provincial Rating Ordinances to the implementation of the Municipal Property Rates Act.

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Labour Law in Local Government

The Firm has successfully dealt with labour disputes relating to misconduct dismissals, operational requirements, retrenchment dismissals and more.

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Commercial and Corporate Law

From the establishment of the firm, De Swardt Vögel Myambo Attorneys has been involved in commercial and corporate law matters.

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Forensic Investigative Services

The very nature of the administrative and labour law litigation frequently requires comprehensive investigative work.

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Property Law

The Firm is experienced in both the Formal and the Informal township establishment procedures.  It has been extensively involved in township establishment and proclamation of various RDP housing projects.

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